Spill the LGBTea – Debunking 5 Myths About Bisexuality

Bi Visibility Day

Defining the term ‘Bisexual’

In popular culture, the term “bisexual” now has a slightly different meaning. The phrase used to describe the physical attraction to more than one gender is wide and inclusive. It’s crucial to remember that bisexuality, like other sexual identities, is diverse. A bi individual may be attracted to more than one sex or gender or to different sexes or genders in various ways. In other words, there are many ways to be bisexual.

Myths can be harmful in general, regardless of whether they are related to gender or sexuality. They can be deceiving, offer false narratives to those who might be having identity issues related to their own sexuality or gender, and contribute to stigma, which is a problem that bi people frequently deal with. Busting myths regarding bisexuality can allow others to gain a better understanding without misinformation being spread.

Bisexuality is not just a phase.

Myth 1: ‘It’s Just a Phase’

This is a common form of prejudice that bi people face. People are free to experiment with their sexuality and dismissing this as attempting to be “cool” is a way of invalidating their experience. Even if some people who experiment eventually identify as heterosexual, this does not invalidate the people who have come to accept their bisexual identity.

Bisexuals are NOT Promiscuous

Myth 2: ‘Bisexual People are Promiscuous’

This perception that bi people tend to be more promiscuous contributes to the fear that a bisexual partner might suddenly run away to be with someone of a different gender. This is one of the oldest and most damaging myths about bi people that many queer people may remember hearing. Promiscuity and sexuality do not correlate.

Bisexuals are NOT overly sexual.

Myth 3: ‘Bi People are Very Sexual’

Bisexual people are misunderstood in the gay and cis-het communities, leading to the incorrect assumption that they are preoccupied with sex and lack the typical emotions, attachments, and moral compass of other queer or straight people. It’s a form of demonization that arises from a lack of understanding of bi people and notions of sexual attraction. It is completely false. Like the rest of us, bi individuals are kind, reliable, and moral.

Bisexuals are NOT cisgender

Myth 4: ‘Bi People are Only Cisgender’

There’s a common misconception that bisexual people are only cisgender men and women – those whose gender identity is consistent with their birth sex. When it comes to bisexuality, it’s not just about cisgender people – it immediately encompasses non-binary people, trans people, it can be anything. It’s all about the individual and who they are attracted to, not what kind of labels they have.

Bi People are not equally attracted to male or females.

Myth 5: ‘Bi People are Equally Attracted to Men and Women’

Some bisexuals do experience a ’50/50 attraction’ to different gender identities but many do not have preferences that fit into a neatly split percentage or a set percentage in who they choose. Preferences may change over time and a percentage split is a really poor way of examining something as complex as sexual attraction.

We hope you have learnt more about Bisexuals today!

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