Feel free to reach out to our international friends and allies listed below:


Website: https://aseansogiecaucus.org/


Website: https://www.banconversiontherapy.com/
Email: info@banct.org

Enough is Enough

Website: https://enough-is-enough.eu/
Email: presse@enough-is-enough.eu

Global LGBT Impact

Website: https://globallgbtimpact.org/

Social Media:

Hidayah LGBT+

Website: https://hidayahlgbt.co.uk/
Email: info@hidayahlgbt.co.uk

Imaan LGBTQI Muslim Support

Website: https://imaanlondon.wordpress.com/

Social Media:

Muslims for Progressive Values

Website: https://mpvusa.org
Email: info@mpvusa.org

Not Only Voices

Website: https://notonlyvoices.org/
Email: contact@notonlyvoices.org

OutRight Action International

Website: https://outrightinternational.org/ 
Email: hello@outrightinternational.org

PLUHO (People Like Us Hang Out)

Email: general@pluho.org

Queer Lapis

Website: https://queerlapis.com/
Email: hello@queerlapis.com 

Social Media:

If you wish to add your organisation to this list, please get in touch with us at hello@pelanginusantara.org or fill up the form below.


Feel free to reach out to our Indonesian friends and allies listed below:

Aksi Kamisan


Social Media:

Cangkang Queer

Website: https://cangkangqueer.org/
Email: cangkangq@gmail.com

Fokus Muda

Website: https://fokusmuda.weebly.com/
Email: info@fokusmuda@gmail.com

Social Media:

Forum Komunikasi Waria Indonesia

Social Media:

Gaya Nusantara

Website: https://gayanusantara.or.id/
Contact: +62-813-3418-6668


Website: https://www.gwl-ina.or.id/
Email: seknas@gwl-ina.or.id

Social Media:

Hari Solidaritas LGBTIQ Nasional


Social Media:

Kapal Perempuan, Kontras

Website: https://www.kapalperempuan.org
Email: office@kapalperempuan.org
Contact: +62 21 7988875

LGBT News Indonesia

Social Media:

Marsinah FM

Website: http://www.marsinahfm.com/
Contact: 08 2324214828 

Social Media:

Organisasi Perubahan Sosial Indonesia (OPSI)

Website: https://www.opsi-network.org
Email: opsi.cls@gmail.com | kontak@opsi-network.org

Social Media:

People Like Us Satu Hati (PLUSH)

Website: https://www.plush.or.id/
Email: plu.satuhari@gmail.com
Contact: +62 812 4777 9084

Social Media:

Perempuan Berbagi

Website: http://perempuan-berbagi.blogspot.com/
Email: perempuanberbagi@gmail.com

Social Media:

Perempuan Mahardika

Website: https://mahardhika.org/
Email: mahardhika.kita@gmail.com | mail@mahardhika.org
Contact: +62 822 1358 7565

Social Media:

Perkumpulan Arus Pelangi

Website: https://alturi.org/organizations/arus-pelangi/
Email: ap-bph@aruspelangi.or.id
Contact: +62 878 8076 8166

Rumah Pelangi Indonesia

Contact: +82 2-2346-6637

Suara Kita

Website: https://www.suarakita.org
Email: ourvoice.lgbtiq@gmail.com 

Yayasan Inter Medika

Website: http://yimintermedika.org/
Email: info@YIMintermedika.org
Contact: +62 21-2268-0385

Yayasan Srikandi Sejati

Website: https://srikandisejati.wordpress.com/
Contact: +62 21 22856441 | 08788676008

Social Media:

Youth Interfaith Forum on Sexuality

Website: https://yifosindonesia.org/
Email: contact@yifosindonesia.org 

Social Media:

If you wish to add your organisation to this list, please get in touch with us at hello@pelanginusantara.org