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LGBTQ+ in Indonesia

From Aceh to the West Papua, diversity has always been the pride of the largest archipelago and the 4th most populous nation in the world. Despite the diverse nature of its flora and fauna, culture, and traditions, there is little tolerance and acceptance for Indonesia's LGBTQ+ community today.

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Indonesia LGBTQ+ Advocacy & Progress

Advocacy & Progress

The LGBTQ+ community in Indonesia has been persecuted and shunned by society at large. Many remain closeted for fear of stigma, discrimination, and sometimes violent punishments, from family members, school mates and colleagues.

Our goal is to liberate the LGBTQ+ community so as to help them to find their rightful places in the world (starting from their own nation).

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Be part of the movement - no matter your gender, nationality, skin colour or personal beliefs - let's liberate the Indonesian LGBTQ+ community!

Join us to keep up with the latest happenings involving Pride movements and issues in Indonesia.

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Tara X Mattel | Indonesia’s PRIDE gear

Here's a shoutout to our friendly lesbian couple from Indonesia -- Tara X Mattel!We're excited to announce that we're officially supporting their wonderful range of PRIDE apparels online as they will also be working hard to empower LGBTQ+ individuals from Indonesia.____________Check out Tara x Mattel LGBT online store and purchase...
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#StandUpForLOVE Episode 1 | The Kai Mata Story
Indonesia LGBTQ+

#StandUpForLOVE Episode 1 | The Kai Mata Story

Coming out for me like for most others came in stages, I am a firm believer that we in the LGBTQ+ community don't just come out once. It is a consistent journey of coming out every day as we meet new people, specifically for me, I identify as a woman,...
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Indonesia LGBTQ+

Understanding the Transgender community in Indonesia

Transgender people and non-binary folk have always been a part of Indonesian history, culture, and people. From the Hindu-Buddhist period of the past to the Islamist era of today, transgender people have permeated the Indonesian society and have faced varying levels of tolerance and acceptance. A significant proportion of the...
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Indonesia LGBTQ+ LGBTQ+ History

Embracing Gender Diversity is crucial for Indonesia

In this blog post, we will discuss why embracing gender diversity is crucial for Indonesia to keep up with the rest of the world. Fеw соuntrіеѕ are аѕ culturally rich and nаturаllу beautiful аѕ Indоnеѕіа. Stretching 3,400 mіlеѕ еаѕt to wеѕt across thе еԛuаtоr, Indonesia is thе world's fоurth mоѕt...
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