Thank you for standing up against Corrective Rape in Indonesia!

Dear Friends,

Because of your tremendous support for the past few months, we have finally forced the website which promotes “corrective rape” as a cure for homosexuality in Indonesia to shut down!

Despite this, the fight continues for gender minorities in Indonesia as Conversion Therapy (torture) is still permitted and heavily promoted by religious institutions and community leaders across the largely conservative country.

Our team at Pelangi Nusantara would like to offer up our heartfelt thanksgiving and appreciation for everyone who has helped to rally against the dehumanizing prejudice and discrimination towards LGBTQ+ individuals in Indonesia.

We look forward to the day where our country can finally keep up with the rest of the world and protect all citizens — no matter who or how we choose to live and love.

Please continue to support and speak up for the LGBTQ+ community in Indonesia and keep us in your prayers and your hearts. Every effort to shed light on our plight makes a world of difference for our people and our future.

Terima kasih.

With love,
Pelangi Nusantara


Special Note:
We are keen to work with artists, musicians, social media buzzers and/or LGBTQ+ advocacy groups from anywhere in the world! Reach out to us at for more information!

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