Shut Down Terapi Konversi – Stop Corrective Rape in Indonesia!

We are Pelangi Nusantara, an international advocate rallying for love, equality and dignified living for Indonesia’s LGBTQ+ community.

It has come to our attention that a local Conversion Therapy (CT) business is offering corrective rape to rehabilitate LGBTQ+ individuals in Indonesia. Terapi Konversi claims to “help our patients discover and enjoy the benefits and pleasures of heterosexual intercourse through inpatient care”. They are purporting that forced heterosexual intercourse cures homosexuality!

It is shocking that such dehumanizing practices are peddled as a cure for homosexuality. These local businesses are given free rein to operate in Indonesia by civil authorities and religious leaders.

Please stand with us and spread this message to end conversion torture in Indonesia.

Help us shut down Terapi Konversi to liberate Indonesia’s gender minorities by taking the following actions:

We hope to make Indonesia a society that will embrace people, regardless of who or how they choose to live and love. Your support in our fight for equality and dignified living for Indonesia’s LGBTQ+ community means the world to us.


With Love,
Pelangi Nusantara
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To learn more, please refer to our #StandUpForLOVE feature on CT in Indonesia:



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